Q: What are your prices for the recording studio?

A: You can find the current rates in the "BOOK A SESSION NOW" box below. Artist looking for personalized prices can contact our office for a consultation.  

Q: Is the studio in a building or home?

A: Our commercial studio is located within a residential home to keep the rates within reason for our clients. No worries, the studio is set-up professionally.  It is not in a walk-in closet. lol 😂


Q: Do you take cash at the door for studio session?  

A: No, we only accept card with 24 hrs in advance for your session. 


Q: Do you have free school program classes for me or my students to join?

A: Yes, click the "School Program" button to contact us and we will find you the closest music production class in your area. There may be classes you can pay for private teaching.