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Mixing and Mastering


Do you wish your mixes sounded the way they do in your head? You don't need a professional studio to get music radio ready. Allow our team to work on your music while you save time.

School Program

Learn the basics of software navigation, song creation, music marketing, music business methods and music theory. Sign up today to get access to our music business and audio production workshops.


Customer Reviews

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"Hands down some of the best work I’ve had done yet. The level of professionalism and talent has won me over as a returning artist."

- Dan Marsh


"I was very impressed with the sound quality and professionalism working with Cold Narly Generation. The clarity and promptness of the mastering was grade A. Def working with them on many projects in the near future."

-Masta X-Kid

"To Cold Narly Generation for taking a chance on me and allowing to get my own business started. I am truly grateful for the opportunity you extended to me. I've learned a lot from my internship."

-Allen Wilson Jr.

"My experience with CNG was incredible! They were extremely professional, and worked tirelessly to get me the sound that I was looking for. The song I sent them had great potential, but I had intended to experiment on it quiet a bit. As a former engineer myself, I know how hard it is to work on a project when the artist doesn’t have a clear vision…but is also very particular. Both Shawn, and Rob have great musical sensibilities and helped bring out the full potential of my song! Looking forward to working with them again!"

- Brail Watson